About us

Family Train Inc. has been on the market for 8 years now. There are 30 people in our team, and all of them work remotely. We don’t have an office, smoothies or cookies, but you will definitely like our perks and benefits.

On the basis of our platform U LIVE, we are developing many bright thematic projects.

  • ulive.fun – Humor community. Memes, funny pics and videos.
  • ulive.work – A platform where creators receive rewards from viewers.
  • ulive.games – Game industry news and events. Let’s-plays, speedruns, competitions.
  • ulive.news – Current news and live streams by correspondents around the world.
  • ulive.fit – Sports lovers place. Training tips, lifehacks and exercises online.
  • ulive.style – Fashion master-classes and discussion of trends.

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Perks & Benefits

  • High wages. We pay above-market salaries. We also pay bonuses when targets are hit.
  • Remote work. Work from anywhere that you feel comfortable: at home, in a cafe or on the journey. This is not a freelance job. You will be a part of a full-fledged company.
  • Career growth. The company's staff doubles every year, and there are great career opportunities that come with this growth. Your salary will also increase as your competence grows.
  • Powerful team. Working on the project with a global team allows us to hire the best specialists, regardless of their specific city or country.
  • Flexitime. Start and finish the workday at your convenience. You can take a break at any time.
  • No bureaucracy. We don’t waste our colleagues’ time. We clearly set tasks and detailed target specifications instead of talking in circles at meetings.